I help Lightworkers and conscious entrepreneurs who are struggling to change their lives to match their calling. I show them how to identify and clear blockages on every level, including; money & income, subconscious resistance,  self-sabotage and limiting beliefs, so that they can feel confident in co-creating the life of their dreams!

 – Samaya K. Aster

Are you stuck?

Even with the best intention and the most diligent positive thinking, the hidden blockages in your life and energy systems can prevent you from creating the life you truly desire. Over the past 30 years, I have worked with thousands of clients worldwide to uncover these blocks and clear them, freeing up their incredible co-creative power to manifest miracles in their life.

Many times the blockages that are holding you back are obvious because they hurt. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get your business or practice off the ground. Or, you are working so much trying to make it work, the rest of your life is suffering. Or, every time you start to get ahead, you hit a setback that wipes out your forward progress. You’re self-aware and have a clear idea of what you believe these experiences have been teaching you, but you can’t make them stop. 


It’s not what you think!

That is because while positive thinking and the ‘law of attraction’ are great practices to help you use your mental energy appropriately, positive thinking often can’t address the underlying blockages, trauma, resistance, beliefs, and experiences that are manifesting your life for you. Those are ingrained in your subconscious mind, out of the reach of your conscious thinking process. Client after client has come to be when they discovered that changing your thoughts does not necessarily change the core energy pattern that is creating your reality!  I focus on uncovering and helping you to clear the energetic and emotional sources of your current limitations so that you can truly clear the limiting patterns and move into a new reality!


Get Crystal Clear!

I will put my 30 years of experience in life transformation to work for you, helping you to gain clarity about yourself, your path, and your vision. I can help you to clear the long-standing, frustrating, costly and exhausting blockages that are keeping you stuck– no matter how you try or how positive you are. The good news is, it is not your fault! Your subconscious is driving the car. Isn’t it time to take back control of your destiny and experience flow, confidence, surety, and command in your own life?

Are you ready to go deep and get Crystal Clear?

I offer two programs for in-depth work that will target your specific concerns and needs. Everyone is unique and has different goals and expectations. The programs below outline general framework for our processes, but each one is also tailored to your precise situation and needs. 

Crystal Clear Transformation

is a total life transformation process. We’ll work one aspect of your life at at time, deeply clearing the blockages , beliefs, traumas and limitations you have carried and that are preventing you from co-creating the life you truly want to live. We use the elemental model to systematically explore every part of your experience and clear it!

  • Earth represents core family, your relationship to your body and health, your money, your sense of safety and security, and your physical home.
  • Fire represents your personal power and the expression of power in relationship with others, your ability to take action, your sexuality and sexual energy, self-confidence, boundaries, responsibility, and the health of your energy systems. 
  • Water represents your relationships with others, including; romantic relationships, friendships, emotional stability, self-expression and communication, intimacy and vulnerability, ability to release control and go with the flow, and to tap into and work in a balanced way with your empathic nature. 
  • Wind represents your mental level, including; your self-talk, belief systems, the way you percieve yourself and others,  your ability to envision your future, your memories, your self-judgement and judgement of others, your mental discipline and the learning you have derived from your past experiences. 
  • Storm represents your spiritual nature, your relationship with your spiritual source, your ability to adapt to change (or create it), and your  full co-creative capacity. 

Heal Your Money

Toxic beliefs, emotions, financial traumas and past experiences may be limiting your ability to create the income, savings and financial reality you deserve. Positive thinking and law of attraction can only work on the conscious level. The work that we will do together in this program goes deeply to the subconscious level and clears these patterns that can cause so much frustration, and can really damage your life experience. 

This is not an abundance program. It is a program for healing your relationship with your money. Those are very different things! If you are experiencing self-sabotage, resistance, frustration, shame, anger or fear around your financial situation, there may be some very deep issues generating your money situation, of which your conscious mind is unaware. 

So many conscious entrapeneurs, healers, spiritual and wellness professionals feel lost when they are doing everything right, but their income is too low, their debt too high, and their savings non-existant or inadequate. Changing your conscious thoughts is a great thing to do, but if you have deep subconscious shadows that you have hung on your money, you will still find it difficult to get ahead, no matter how much you practice abundance consciousness. 

Let me help you to uncover and clear the deep financial wounds that are preventing you from fully manifesting your potential. This is deep work, powerful work, and incredibly effective work! 

Want more information about the science?

EFT is used by medical doctors, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, as well as vibrational healers, around the world. There have been hundreds of published scientific papers on it’s efficacy and it is even used in America’s Veteran’s Administration hospitals for effective treatment of PTSD. If you want more information on if it works and how it works, I invite you to register to watch a full 30 minute film on the science behind Emotional Freedom Techniques.